renewable energy solutions for a changing world

We are a Canadian based company that recognizes the vital importance of reducing the world dependence on environmentally damaging and increasingly expensive energy sources. eazysolar is committed to efficient, sustainable and accessible solar energy solutions that endeavor to assist in providing a healthy and viable future for generations to come. We believe wholeheartedly that ethical  and lasting prosperity can only be achieved by valuing the natural environment.

With those values in mind we aim to apply the same high standards to the work, service and installation of our solar systems .We provide individual resolutions for alternative energy requirements that are  customized to suit all situations from  residential  to commercial and utility scale applications.

It is our intention to bring a positive attitude towards business which promotes an atmosphere of co-operation between eazysolar and our colleagues in solar and  other sustainable industries. We believe in fostering collaborative - rather than combative or competitive relationships -with companies that share the same values, and believe this serves the best interests of clients and customers.

This business philosophy has proven highly successful in  our past joint ventures in Canada and abroad and continues as we currently assist several key energy suppliers on their designs and installations of renewable energy sources world wide.