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Solar Power

Simply put, solar power is sunlight converted into energy- and in this case specifically  light which is transformed into electrical current using photovoltaic technology. The energy harvesting technology of  photovoltaic cells- or solar cells - is combined  into modules in a solar panel.  A collection of these panels- or a solar array is the most efficient, sustainable and '' clean '' way of creating  energy whilst reducing the carbon footprint and gradually reducing our dependence on the earths non-renewable resources.

 Most people are surprised to find out that the amount of solar energy reaching earths surface in just one year is approximately twice as much as will
ever be obtained from the non-renewable  resources of coal, oil, natural gas, and mined uranium combined.   eazysolar believes that  solar energy makes sense both economically and ethically for the long term  future of our planet. Together we have the opportunity to invest in that future in a practical and  substantial  way that combines environmental , local and economic responsibility. To this end, easysolar believes in using the most efficient high quality equipment and products.  We are affiliated with reputable and trusted  electrical contractors.  The images below illustrate some of the solar equipment manufacturers we have worked with on various systems.

Galaxy Solar Racking Systems and modules
Galaxy Self-sustainable homes

We recommend the products illustrated here and only design
systems that employ central and string inverters.

Our systems are designed using poly-crystalline and mono-crystalline modules in the Solar arrays.

The electrical contractors we work with are as below:

ESA # 7005317
lic.# E740
ESA # 6705974