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MicroFit and Fit systems

These programs are the result of the Green Energy and Green Economy Bill passed by the Ontario Provincial Government in 2009.  The bill was designed to generate clean, renewable energy as well as provide stable investment opportunities and jobs for Ontario residents.  Registration and application processing for these programs is available and free from the 0ntario Power Authority.
Detailed information is available at this website :

The Fit Program

The Ontario Fit  (feed in tariff)  is North Americas first comprehensive guaranteed pricing structure for renewable energy production.  It offers stable pricing under long term contracts for energy generated from renewable sources that will generate more than 10kw.  To participate in this particular program you must be willing to make the necessary investment in your project . This includes equipment, construction, installation, operating and maintenance costs as well as any  fees and charges that are applied by your local power authority.  It is also your responsibility to ensure the project meets all the applicable laws, regulations and codes.  The system will be connected to the grid by your local energy distribution company and your investment is compensated by the twenty year contract signed by the local power authority.

The Microfit Program

This program is for smaller and residential size projects that will generate less than 10 kw.The application is processed by the Ontario Power Authority and must be applied for by the legal owner of the property.  This application may take 4-10 weeks and if you are offered a conditional contract you will have six months from that date to install a system ready for connection .  However you are under no obligation should you change your mind.  All systems must receive a contract  from the Ontario Power Authority and permission from your  local energy distribution company ( Hydro, Veridian etc).  After a building inspection and the installation of your system there will be an electrical safety inspection.  Finally your system is connected to the grid  after which you will receive cheques from your local energy distribution company for the twenty year term of the contract.